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Data Analytics, Evaluation, and Special Projects

The Office of Data Analytics, Evaluation, and Special Projects is responsible for special evaluations and reviews, including responses to congressional inquiries. The work of this office compliments the work of SIGPR’s investigations and audits by developing a capacity to focus on broader, systemic issues. The office  also receives analytical requests from investigations to assist to include financial and data analytics.

Data Analytics, Evaluation, and Special Projects was also established to strengthen SIGPR’s oversight of the Treasury Department, consistent with Section 4018 of the CARES Act,  and to improve SIGPR’s capabilities to meet statutory requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012.  The office will fulfill SIGPR’s whistleblower protection duties by educating SIGPR employees and contractors on the protections from retaliation for disclosing fraud, waste, or abuse. The whistleblower coordinator is Assistant IG Sheryl Goodman, who can be reached at whistleblower@sigpr.gov.

If you have information about fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement, as well as other crimes or violations of Federal laws, rules, and regulations, relating to the CARES Act, or SIGPR’s programs and operations, you may report it to the SIGPR hotline. Such information includes allegations concerning contracts, grants, public corruption, conflict of interest, and other criminal or serious non-criminal misconduct involving employees, contractors/sub-contractors, and grantees/sub-grantees.