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To report allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or misrepresentations related to CARES Act loans made by the Department of the Treasury, please call (202) 927-7899, email hotline@sigpr.gov, or submit confidential information to the SIGPR hotline.

For congressional and press inquiries, please email SIGPR-public-affairs@sigpr.gov.

To obtain information about FOIA and Privacy Act or submit a request for records, please email SIGPR-FOIA-Request@sigpr.gov.

For questions about jobs with SIGPR, please email SIGPRcareers@sigpr.gov

For information about CARES Act-related IG activities, please visit the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee's website.  

The SIGPR office is located at 2051 Jamieson Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314.