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Self-Disclosure Reporting

Voluntary self-disclosure benefits the government by revealing previously unknown fraud, waste, and abuse. It may also enable the government to gather and preserve evidence that would otherwise be lost. 

The U.S. Department of Justice publishes guidelines that “identify factors that will be considered and the credit that will be provided when entities or individuals voluntarily self-disclose misconduct that could serve as the basis for False Claims Act (FCA) liability and/or administrative remedies, take other steps to cooperate with FCA investigations and settlements, or take adequate and effective remedial measures.”  The Justice Manual further provides that “even in the absence of a formal program, prosecutors may consider a corporation's timely and voluntary disclosure, both as an independent factor and in evaluating the company’s overall cooperation and the adequacy of the corporation's compliance program and its management's commitment to the compliance program.”

Any company or individual who wants to make a voluntary disclosure to SIGPR on a matter that may be of interest to SIGPR should do so by making the report to SIGPR’s hotline.

Self-disclosure to SIGPR does not change any preexisting obligation an entity or individual has under the law to report to or cooperate with the federal government.


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