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Pandemic Response Accountability Commitee Releases Virtual Stakeholder Listening Forum with Experts on Housing

March 3, 2021

The Pandemic Response Accountability Commitee (PRAC) Financial Sector Oversight working group released a new video of a stakeholder listening forum entitled, “Pandemic Response: Perspectives on Housing.” The working group is comprised of Inspectors General (IGs) with oversight responsibilities in the areas of banking, lending, and housing.

These IGs organized a series of virtual panels with experts from the financial services sector to gather their insights concerning the pandemic response efforts of the federal government and inform areas for further oversight.

The third panel in this series included subject matter experts in housing issues, who shared their views on whether CARES Act funding and HUD programs effectively reached the intended individuals and communities and recommendations to improve pandemic response programs.

The panel was moderated by:

  • Rae Oliver Davis, Inspector General for the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Brian D. Miller, Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery

Panelists that provided input included: 

  • Jenny Schuetz, Senior Fellow- Metropolitan Policy Program, Future of the Middle Class Initiative, Brookings Institution 
  • Marietta Rodriguez, President and Chief Executive Officer, NeighborWorks America 
  • Nani Coloretti, Senior Vice President for Financial and Business Strategy and Treasurer, Urban Institute

“Throughout the pandemic, stable housing and effective housing assistance have been of critical importance. In many ways the Federal government and its state, tribal, and other partners are being asked to address an issue they have never faced on this scale. Stakeholder insight into these complicated, weighty issues is invaluable as we strive to meet the challenge of ensuring that CARES Act funding and HUD programs effectively reach the intended individuals and communities,” said Ms. Oliver Davis.

The panel discussion covered topics such as:  

  • How effective the moratoria on eviction and foreclosure have been to stabilize housing and provide the intended housing assistance to low- and moderate-income individuals and families;
  • Federal agencies’ role in helping state and local government and organizations to provide effective assistance to renters, homeowners, the homeless, and other at-risk populations;
  • Future effects on housing stemming from the pandemic and pandemic recovery efforts; and
  • Recommendations to improve pandemic response housing programs, as well as fraud, waste, and abuse in housing programs.

“Stakeholder perspectives are valuable and help Inspectors General, our agencies, Congressional stakeholders, and the taxpayer better understand pandemic-related housing efforts and what can be improved,” said Mr. Miller. “We are grateful to hear from experts with on-the-ground information.”  

Video:  Watch the full video.